Technical Trainings (Open or ‘In Company’)

Technical Trainings (Open or ‘In Company’)

Support Consulting develops a series of theoretical and practical training to meet the constant search of our clients for more detailed information on the techniques of Maintenance Management, Industrial Processes, Production Improvement and Modern Technologies of Industrial Repairs, such as:

GCM – Maintenance Management and Control;

TPM – Total Productive Maintenance;

GGP – Management of Major Stops for Reform;

GMF – Fleet Maintenance Management;

GTP – Technical Management of Tires for Fleet;

RTP – Technical Repairs of Tires of Load and OTR (off-road);

TOP – Production Optimization Techniques;

HSK – 8S / Housekeeping;

TCA – Alumina Oxide Ceramic Coatings Technology;

TRE – Coatings Technology with Elastomers, Polymers and Special Coatings;

TAF – Cold Vulcanization Adhesive Technology.